Our Curriculum

At the Early Learning Center LLC we provide care for children from the age of 6 weeks to 7-years-old. We have designed curriculums that are appropriate for every age group. Children learn colors, shapes, letters, numbers and more. They will also practice social skills and table manners while encouraging friendships along with other fundamentals that are important life skills for children to learn.

Preschool is provided onsite for children 3 years and older. Our educational curriculum has the benefit of being offered throughout the full day while your child is in care. We are able to offer activities at the developmental pace of your child, allowing them the time and opportunity to be engaged with activities to enhance their learning experiences. We offer several enrollment options to accommodate the schedule of busy families.

Preschool children ages 3 years and older will go on field trips that are part of our curriculum. A small fee for transportation and the event will be charged to the parent prior to the trip. Parents are always invited to chaperone any outings.

Our staff works hard to provide all children in our care the education they deserve. Weekly lesson plans are posted at the parent communication boards outside of each classroom. Our center wide newsletter helps to keep everyone informed. In addition, we hold parent teacher conferences for all age groups so that parents can see firsthand their child's progress, and discuss any questions they may have.

For a more detailed look at our curriculum and what we offer at our center, click the button below to review our parent handbook.

Parent Handbook | Early Learning Center